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Eurshin, Dramatic Half-Orc (Bust) - Awkward Penguin’s Minis - 63mm

Eurshin, Dramatic Half-Orc (Bust) - Awkward Penguin’s Minis - 63mm

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The third member of my D&D party that I have dubbed "The Nightmare Quartet", Eurshin is a half-orc struggling against inner and outer demons as well as coming to terms with the rejection of his violent upbringing. The great sword on his back, Patricide Edge, must not leave its scabbard--it contains the soul of Eurshin's father, a tyrant and a monster who will do anything to assume control of Eurshin's body.

All miniatures are printed at .32mm layer height on an Elegoo Saturn, using Resione M58 resin, one of the best quality resins on the market. As is the nature of 3D printing, there may be small marks or blemishes associated with the printing process; however, if you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, please reach out to me so I can make it right!

A note on scale:

Miniature scale can vary between different sculptors and miniature lines, and different people have different ideas on how scaling should be determined. We base our scaling on ankle to eyeline for human/humanoid creatures; for example, a listing for a 32mm miniature standing straight up would measure 32mm from the ankle to the eyeline. We try to keep this consistent between every miniature we sell, regardless of the sculptor.

If you’re looking to ensure that a miniature that you purchase with us will fit in well with a particular game or miniature line and you’re not sure which scale to purchase, please reach out to us and we’ll discuss to make sure you get exactly what you want!

Unlimited Print Works is officially licensed to sell physical prints from Awkward Penguin’s Minis! For this miniature and more, make sure to check them out at

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